MAD Ass Run

February 5, 2022
This is a Casual and Fun 25k and 50k Run in Madras, Oregon. Through the grasslands and Willow Creek Canyon. This is not a formal race.  No times are recorded.  If you can’t run a 25k don’t stress.  Come run whatever distance you want.  You will be able to do an out and back run from the start.
It is FATSO style. No pre-registration but we need you to sign the MADras Runners waiver.
No frills. Bring your own water & nutrition for the run.
February 5, 2020 at

Madras Physical Therapy
785 SE Mctaggart Madras
Madras, OR 97741

8:30am (doors open at 7:30am if anyone wants to start earlier)
Two Routes: 2019 is the 15th anniversary Mad Ass. The loop east into the grasslands will be changed to keep you on dirt longer; the out-n-back through Willow Creek Canyon to Lake Simtustus is the same as previous years.
** 2020 course will be slightly different because of a new trail in MADras checkout the updated map for the first 25k.  
Map created in by  Geoprizma
Part 2 Course  Second 25k
You can run any portion of this course in any order you choose.  We just ask that you sign in at the run and tell us your plan so we can keep track of runners.
Suggested Donation: $20/runner or whatever you feel you can provide. Any amount is appreciated! It helps to cover the cost of the event.  All proceeds go to our Scholarship program.  They also help to cover the facility rental fee for the run.
Bring your own running food & hydration system, and a potluck dish to share for afterwards. Electricity plugs available for crock pots.
NOTE – there is no oven, nor stove-top burners at Madras Physical Therapy. Pot-luck dishes in electric chaffers, hot-pots etc. can be plugged in. We will have access to a microwave oven.


The entire FATSO has no been run in a few years.  BRING BACK the FAT ASS series and organize a race in your area.
Run a fat ass trail run every weekend in January. Slowest time for completing all four 50km runs WINS.