April 12
Week3: King of the Mountain
This is a 1.8 mile course that opens on April 12th and closes on April 18th.

  • This challenge is 1.8 miles long. For this challenge you will be walking or running the M Hill over and back. The M Hill trail head is located on the south side of the M Hill. You can park at the skate park located on H Street or off the Culver Highway west of the skate park.
  • This challenge starts on the south side of the M Hill at the M Hill trail map. Run north up the switch backs to the top of the M Hill. Do not run up to the mountain identifier and benches on the very top. Instead continue on the main trail over the M Hill heading north. Continue down the north side switch backs. You need to run to the kids hiking information kiosk that is located near Glass drive or C st. Turn around at the kiosk and run back up the M Hill. Now you will run the M Hill trail from north to south. You are following the same route back. Continue on the trail down the switch backs on the south side and finish at the Trail map at the bottom of the south side trail head. Congrats you have conquered the mountain or M Hill. 

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