April 5
Week2: Madras Trails Scramble
This is a 3.2 mile course that opens on April 5th and closes on April 11th.

  • Trail Description: You will start at the gate and follow the single-track bike trail. At the start of the trail is a strava orange segment identifier called Home Run Climb. Continue on in a zig zag fashion until you cross over a main road and powerlines. Look for the yellow flags and continue on to the single track. Soon you will pass another orange strava segment called Wide Open Climb. Continue on the trail as it parallels Ashwood road toward the bridge to nowhere. You will come to a fork in the trail continue left and follow the yellow flags. Run past the bridge to nowhere. This is a bridge built for mountain bikes. As the trail continues you will come to another orange strava segment called Gut Punch. The trail will continue west and the next strava orange segment you will pass is Madras Jump Line. Keep going you are going the right way. As the trail continues west you will cross a major horse trail. Follow the yellow flags. As you near the far west side of Madras Trails you will hit another strava orange segment called Madras West Side Views. Now the trails will start to move north. You will pass by old gravel piles and under a powerline. As you move further north you will see the middle school on your left. Soon the trails will start to turn east to bring you back to the parking lot. You will pass another orange segment Madras West Side Views. You should start to see the parking lot. Loop back to the parking lot and snap a photo to send to MARras Runners.
  • Watch for orange strava segment markers and our yellow MT Scramble flags on the course.
  • route map This route is on the new Madras Trails system east of Madras. To get Madras Trails head east on B st past juniper hills park. Not farm from the park you will see a gravel parking lot on the south side of B st. This is the trail head for Madras Trails. This route is the longest of all of the challenges. It is 4.3-4.5 miles to walk or run the loop. If this is too much feel free to complete one of the inner loops. We highly encourage you to do the outer loop and get the full Madras Trails experience. This route starts at the trail head. Follow the yellow survey flags with read writing (MT Scramble). The survey flags mark major intersections or turns on the trail. You will run the trail clock wise. You will be on the bike route and not the horse trails. PLEASE NOTE: Close the gate because there are cattle on the trail. Bikes and Horses have the right of way.

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