Community Challenges

Community Challenges

Let’s get moving!

Problem: We need motivation from those around us.

Solution: Community Challenges

We’ve been challenging each other to get outside and get moving

Thanks to our sponsors:

Thanks St Charles for sponsoring this event!

MADras wants to provide encouragement to our community and help people get outside and get moving.  The weekly challenges start on Monday and end Sunday evening.  Each week MADras Runners will post a running and walking challenge with a new route on Sunday evenings.  Another goal of this challenge is to support our local businesses during.  MADras Runners will purchase all prizes from local businesses.  Weekly, anyone who completes the challenge will be entered in a drawing for a gift card to a local business.   It doesn’t matter how fast you run or walk the route.  We do not keep track of time, only participation.  The drawings will be random.  You will have one week to complete the weekly route.  You can do it any time that works best for you.  Participants that complete all of the challenges will be entered in the grand prize drawing.

** Please follow recommended safety guideline from the CDC to help our community remain healthy during this challenging time.  Please obey all traffic laws.

March 29
Week 1: White Buffalo Challenge
This is a 3.2 mile course that opens on March 29th and closes on April 4th.
April 5
Week2: Madras Trails Scramble
This is a 3.2 mile course that opens on April 5th and closes on April 11th.
April 12
Week3: King of the Mountain
This is a 1.8 mile course that opens on April 12th and closes on April 18th.
April 19
Week4: B Street Bomber
This is a 3.9 mile course that opens on April 19th and closes on April 25th.
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