Jack Watts Youth Running Grant and Scholarship

The Jack Watts  Youth Running Grant  and High School Scholarship was created in memory of an amazing man to promote running in our youth.

MADras Runners has made available a Youth Running Grant that awards up to $1,000 annually per application to youth, youth teams and clubs in Jefferson County. MADras Runners hopes to provide more opportunities to inspire young runners to live a healthy lifestyle. Applicants may apply for large or small grant amounts, with the MADras Runners Board awarding the money on a first come, first served basis to the top applicants.  Deadline for all applications is May 1, 2019

Qualifications to Determine Eligibility for Grant:

  • Funding must be used in a youth running program in Jefferson County
  • Funding must be for youth ages 18 and younger
  • All proposals must demonstrate the grantee will conduct programs that increase participation in running in order to positively impact the lives of participants
  • Applicants must have a Federal Tax ID unless it is a student applying
  • *** NEW for 2018 Applications.  All coaches applying for a grant for their school program are going to be contacted to help volunteer at the Canyon Rumble Frozen Half Marathon.  Students in these programs are  encouraged to volunteer as well.  This race is our main fundraiser for this grant and we need volunteer support. 




High School Scholarship

Qualifications to Determine Eligibility for Scholarships:

  • Applicant must be a senior at Culver High School or Madras High School
  • Applicant must have applied or been accepted to an institute of higher learning
  • Applicant must participate in an organized running activity recognized by Culver or Madras High School, in either Cross Country or Track, during his/her senior year
  • Applicant must attain a minimum of seven semester cumulative grade point average of 2.5
  • Applicant cannot have been awarded a full scholarship from any other source or combined sources

An award of a full scholarship shall be defined herein as anyone receiving full reimbursement for tuition expenses for the institute of higher learning they have chosen to attend

  • Applicant must also be in compliance with the following stipulations:



To apply please fill out and mail  to:
MADras Runners
c/o Jamie Hurd
2055 SE Dry Gulch Dr
Madras, OR 97741