MADras Runners Challenge


MADras Runners Challenge (FREE!!!)

** UPDATE:  We are ending the first challenge and drawing the grand prize 5/25.  We will continue with weekly challenges.  See details below.


Get outside and get moving!

The new plan- Due to the popularity of the first MADras Runners Challenge we have decided to continue the weekly challenges.  We will continue weekly challenges on a month to month basis.  We will design routes around Madras.  Some may be repeat courses from previous challenges.   At the end of the weekly challenge we will draw a random name from the list of participants for a $25 gift certificate to a local Madras business.  To be eligible for these future challenges we will only accept photos from of the route that are emailed to  We will no longer follow runners on Strava,  We are trying to keep the challenge manageable and sustainable for event coordinators.  The challenge rules are detailed below.  Thanks for all the positive feedback!  Keep it up!  

MADras wants to provide encouragement to our community and help people get outside and get moving.  The weekly challenges start on Monday and end Sunday evening.  Each week MADras Runners will post a running and walking challenge with a new route on Sunday evenings.  Another goal of this challenge is to support our local businesses during.  MADras Runners will purchase all prizes from local businesses.  Weekly, anyone who completes the challenge will be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card to a local business.   It doesn’t matter how fast you run or walk the route.  We do not keep track of time, only participation.  The drawings will be random.  You will have one week to complete the weekly route.  You can do it any time that works best for you.  

** Please follow recommended safety guideline from the CDC to help our community remain healthy during this challenging time.  Please obey all traffic laws.

How to enter: To enter take a picture of yourself on the weekly route or a screen shot of your run/walk and email it to We trust you to complete the entire route.


Weekly challenge for 5/25- 5/31- COCC Loop de Loop 2.89 miles route map

  • This route will start at the Central Oregon Community College located off B Street in Madras.  Head west on the paved walking trail.  Take the crosswalk across B Street and head south on City View.  Take the walking path all the way to the Grizzly Bear roundabout.  Run around the roundabout on to the sidewalk on Jst.  You are now running west.  Run west until you cross over the willow creek bridge and turn north on to the paved walking path.  Run the walking path all the way to B Street.  Run B Street all the way back to the walking path that takes you to the COCC parking lot.   Have fun!  Don’t forget to email us a photo at


Previous Challenge- MADras Runners Challenge 4/13- 5/25

Week 1- White Buffalo Challenge-2.3 miles

Week 2- Madras Trails Scramble (4.5 miles) 

Week 3- King of the Mountain (M Hill) -(1.79 miles)

Week 4- Juniper Hills Shuffle (2.68 miles)

Week 5-Fish Pond Jaunt (1.8 miles)

Week 6-B Street Bomber– 3.97 miles

Announcement of the grand prize winner ($100 gift card to Grocery Outlet) announced 5/25

Challenge Masters List–  These are all the folks who have done every weekly challenge.  Please email if your name is missing.  This is a lot to keep track of 😉